Doll stars : Nahji's first photoshoot! :)

Monday, April 14

Nahji's first photoshoot! :)

I made an outfit for nahji and just had to take and share some pics of her! I am really happy of how this outfit turned out! :)

Tada! Do u like it? I made the shirt and the shorts! 

For the shirt I made a plain white short sleeved shirt and then glued coffee filters onto it for ruffles! 



  1. so pretty! I love the shirt and shorts. they are just too cute. I wish I could make something like that for my nahji, but I'm not that good. The most I can do is a pillow lol

  2. She's gorgeous. I love how you found a flower to match her outfit.

  3. Nahji is so cute! I love her outfit, you did a great job.