Doll stars : I got heart 4 hearts girl Nahji!!!!! :) plus a doll review!

Thursday, April 3

I got heart 4 hearts girl Nahji!!!!! :) plus a doll review!

Guess what?! ( well, u probably already know from the title but I will tell u anyways!) :) I got the heart 4 hearts girl Nahji from India! :) I have been wanting her for a little while now! And I bought her! :) she is super cute! And I love her! :)  here is a review on her! 

A portion of the purchase price goes to World Vision, a humanitarian organization that helps girls like Nahji! :) 

This is the front of the box with her cute face on it! 

Inside of the box. The box has a flap on it the u can open up with Velcro.

Back of the box 

This is her out of the box! She comes in a cute pink dress, purple legging like pants, purple sandals, 3 gold bracelets, earrings, pearl headband, and a choker! 

Her ears are pierced and u can take the earring out, the nose ring does not com out.

Her headband was attached to her head with a piece of twin like yarn.  I do not know if it was for packaging but I just cut the twin.

She has a pretty detailed face! 

She comes with a book about her and where she lives, a plastic comb, and a bracelet for u ( I think I might use it as a necklace for dolls. 

On her hand she has henna! Henna Is like a tatto but it is temporary and does not hurt when putting on! It is made out of a plant! My family used to do it sometimes!  

Her choker was attached to the dress but I cut it so it was not because it was like impossible to get of! 

The dress.

The pants are pretty hard to get off and on, but they are cute! 

Her accessories.

I took her hair out of the pony-tail it cam in and it was really nice quality! Very silky! 

Here is Nahji next to Julie! 

Do u have any heart 4 hearts girls? :) 



  1. SHES SOOOO CUTE! I WISH I HAD HER! She's on my wish list! Such a gorgeous doll.

  2. Thank u!!! :) she is a great doll! :)

  3. I got her for my sister for christmas but I play with her a lot. I should do a photo shoot with my nahji on my blog. I want to get rahel or lillian for myself.