Doll stars : Homemade, small doll house!

Thursday, April 3

Homemade, small doll house!

I made a house for some of my smaller dolls! I made it out of a cardboard box! 

Tada!! The house has a kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom! 

This is the kitchen! For the floor I painted a big piece of cardboard and covered it in modge pogde ( is that how it's spelled?) and then glue it to the box! I made the counters out of boxes that used to have cupcake rappers in them!  The sink is made out of a bottle cap, 2 beads and part of a hanger! 

The stove! I made it out of a reused strawberry container covered in duck tape, beads for the buttons, painted card board for the stove top! And a door! 

The inside of the fridge! 

Closer look at the sink! I also made some cleaning supplies, I made the towel out of fabric, the paper towels is a straw wrapped in a small piece of paper towel, and the cleaning spray is made out of beads! 

The dining area! 

The living room! 

And last but not least the bedroom!  

The bed! I made the night stand out of a reused bottle! 



  1. So cute, can you do a tutorial on how to make bookshelves for 18 inch dolls? Please.

  2. I love the stove! Also, I agree with Izzy on the tutorial.