Doll stars : Felicity gets cleaned up! :)

Friday, April 25

Felicity gets cleaned up! :)

I learned how to clean dolls skin ( I will do a post on that in the near future) so I thought it would be fun to clean Felicity up! :) since I got her when I was about seven her skin is pretty dirty and was looking very colorless. I also fixed up her hair! Here are some pics: 

The hair! ( unfortunately I don't have any before pics:( 

Tada! I think it looks a lot better! I trimmed it because it was frizzy and uneven, and then I brushed it! Now it is a lot more soft and mush easier to handle especially when I am putting it in a hair style like braids! :) 

The skin: ( before) 

These are the before pics of Felicity's skin. 

There is a little red mark on her leg. 

And the dirtiest part is the back of her legs, they are all scratched up and dirty! 

There is a little mark on her skin. Oh, and as u can see her arms and legs are really shiny and looked kind of greasy that is from the oils in your skin.

And her face is all smudged up looking. 

The skin ( after) 

Here is it after! :) her skin is so much cleaner! :) 
And she is not so shiny! 

Her legs are super clean! And look the red mark is all gone! 

And this is probably the most change that happened! Her legs are amazingly clean! 

Wow! I am so pleased with the results! She looks practically brand new! And her skin looks a lot like Julie's now ( which is a good thing cause Julie is still pretty new) :) 

And her face is much better! 

I did not take a before pic of this but she had a long pen mark on the back of her neck! Not anymore though! :) 



  1. She looks really good in the end! I want to do something like that to Kanani, but I don't want to hurt her. You are a great dolly doctor.

  2. Can't wait for the tutorial, Taryn's skin needs cleaning!

  3. Congratulations! She looks wonderful. Good job.