Doll stars : DIY, egg decorating stand!

Thursday, April 17

DIY, egg decorating stand!

Yay! Easter is so soon! It came up so fast! :) here is how to make an egg decorating stand for your dolls to enjoy!

Items u will need: 
3 toilet paper rolls ( sorry about the fourth one in the pic) 


Paint ( whatever color) 

Decorative duck tape, and other things to decorate


And a glue gun

Use somthing round and trace it on some cardboard then cut out! 

Cut the top off of a toilet paper roll.

Keep doing that to the toilet paper roll until there is none left to cut. 

Take the the cut rolls and set them next to another roll lik above.

To see how many u need.

Paint 2 toilet paper rolls, the cardboard, and the small rolls.

Tape the two rolls together

Glue them to the circle

Glue a small roll on to a side Lila above.

Now glue the rest! 

Decorate how ever u want! 

And your done! I will post how to make the Easter eggs soone! :) 



  1. Oh, that is so cute!

  2. If you don't mind, I am going to feature this post on my blog! You can see it tomorrow.

  3. Thanks izzy and melody! And AGD time I would love to have a feature! Thank u so much! :)