Doll stars : DIY: 2 fun ways to make bows for your dolls!

Wednesday, April 2

DIY: 2 fun ways to make bows for your dolls!

Every doll loves a bow! Here is how to make a fun bow 2 ways!

- 1 bow

Items u will need: ribbon, duck tape, and scissors

Fold both of the sides to the middle

Tape in place..

And fold the duck tape to the front! 

Set a hair clip ( u can also use and hair band, ribbon ect) 

Duck tape in place.

And your done! 


Take a small piece of duck tape.

Fold in halve.

Pinch in the middle.

And duck tape in place.

You can tape a clip, hair band, ect to the bow

Here is a pic of one that I taped a piece of yarn to the bow.

And your done! 

Have fun crafting! 


  1. Omigosh! I wear bows and flowers in my hair ALL OF THE TIME. At my school of someone sees a bow they know its me. I loved this post because now my dolls can wear bows too!

  2. Love it! Very cute!