Doll stars : April 2014

Sunday, April 27

Tinfoil photo backdrop!

Items u will need:

Cut a big piece of tinfoil that is a little taller then your doll.

Scrunch it up ( carefully) this optional but I did it because it looks really cool! 

Cut and scrunch another and then tape the two together.

I decided to tape three because it was too short because I had to cut the top off cause my cat bit all over it! :) 

And u are done! :) 


Friday, April 25

Felicity gets cleaned up! :)

I learned how to clean dolls skin ( I will do a post on that in the near future) so I thought it would be fun to clean Felicity up! :) since I got her when I was about seven her skin is pretty dirty and was looking very colorless. I also fixed up her hair! Here are some pics: 

The hair! ( unfortunately I don't have any before pics:( 

Tada! I think it looks a lot better! I trimmed it because it was frizzy and uneven, and then I brushed it! Now it is a lot more soft and mush easier to handle especially when I am putting it in a hair style like braids! :) 

The skin: ( before) 

These are the before pics of Felicity's skin. 

There is a little red mark on her leg. 

And the dirtiest part is the back of her legs, they are all scratched up and dirty! 

There is a little mark on her skin. Oh, and as u can see her arms and legs are really shiny and looked kind of greasy that is from the oils in your skin.

And her face is all smudged up looking. 

The skin ( after) 

Here is it after! :) her skin is so much cleaner! :) 
And she is not so shiny! 

Her legs are super clean! And look the red mark is all gone! 

And this is probably the most change that happened! Her legs are amazingly clean! 

Wow! I am so pleased with the results! She looks practically brand new! And her skin looks a lot like Julie's now ( which is a good thing cause Julie is still pretty new) :) 

And her face is much better! 

I did not take a before pic of this but she had a long pen mark on the back of her neck! Not anymore though! :) 


Wednesday, April 23

The MagNioBio award! :)

Guess what! I got awarded the MagNioBio award from the Izzy at Forever love dolls  and  The pony tale sisters  thank u sooo much! :)

Here's how it works! It it a lot like the liebster award! U answer ten questions ( from the person who nominated u) then nominate a few people and ask them ten questions! :) 

izzy's questions! 
( sorry this took so long to post) 

1. Do you play a sport? If so what is it? 

Right now I do not play a sport, but I do do clogging which is more a dance though! :) 

2. If you could spend a day with one person, living or dead, who would it be? 

Ooh! This one is so hard! I just can't decide?! 

3. If one of AG's historical characters came alive and you would get to meet her,who would you want to meet? 

Umm... This would be super cool! I would probably want to meet Julie! 

4. If you could rather live in the clouds or under the seam where you live? 

I am not a big under the water person, so probably in the clouds! :) 

5. If you could design an outfit that AG would sell, what would it look like? 

Oh! This would be so fun! I am not really sure what I would design?! Maybe an Ombré maxi dress with a cute spring sweater?! Ooh! I think I might just make that?! :) 

6. If your dolls came alive which one do you think you would be best friends with? 

Probably Julie! ( sorry Felicity) 

7. Laynie or Kanani? 

Kanani!  When she came out I wanted her for a little bit ( but decided not to get her)  I love her long hair! 

8. Flip-flops or sandals? 


9. Is your best friend older, younger, or the same age as you? 

My best friend is a little older then me but not that much older! :) 

10. How old were you when you got your first doll? 

I think about seven or eight?!   

Thank u Izzy for nominating me! Your questions were really fun! 

The pony tale sister's gpquestions! 

1. If you could get any thing from AG what would you get? 

Umm?! I really like Julie's dining table set! And the my american girl doll with hazel eyes,  and honey blonde hair! ( I forget which number she is) 

2. Would you ever open an etsy shop for dolls? 

I don't know too much about etsy, but it sounds fun! 

3. Have you ever made stop motion videos? 

Not yet! But I might in the future! 

4. Do your dolls have any pets? 

Yep! Felicity has Posey the lamp, Patriot the foal, and Pepper the huskie, Julie has a puppy named Lilly, and they share a cat! 

5. Do you like seing clothes or buying them? 

I like sewing them! But ones in a while buying is nice! 

6. Have you ever made food for your dolls? 

Yes! I have made the lots of food! Yum! 

7. Do your dolls live in a house or on a shelf? 

My dolls live in a corner of my room where I arranged doll furniture! So practically they live in a house! 

8. Do you like photo- shoots or photo stories? 

Both are fun! But I like photo shoots better! 

9.  What would your next doll be? 

I haven't told u all this but I am saving up to buy a doll ( don't know which doll yet) on eBay I am looking for a cheap one that is not in the best condition so I can restore and customize her!!! 

10. Who was your first doll? 

My first doll was Felicity I got her for my seventh  ( I think?) birthday! :) 

Thank u for the questions! I had such I fun time answering them!!! :) 

I nominate: 

1. If you could make an AG historical character what would she be like? 

2. Do u like GOTY Isabelle? 

3. Have u ever been to the AG place? 

4. Would u rather go sky diving or bungy jumping? 

5. What are u wearing right  now? :) 

6. Were are u right now? 

7. How many AG dolls do u have? 

8. Favorite movie? 

9. What are your dolls wearing right now? 

10. If u could ( or if u are) what would your next AG doll be? 

Thank u to the people who nominated me! :) 

- dollstars


Sunday, April 20

Happy Easter! :)

Happy Easter? How was yours? Ours was great!

Do u like Julie's Easter dress that I made? I will post more pics soon!  

And here is Felicity's! 

The dolls had set there shoes out last night and they found some chocolate eggs in them! 

They also each got a basket full of fun stuff! 

Julie got some mints, a stuffed little chick, a rainbow loom bracelet, and a piece of chocolate! 

Felicity got some mints, flowers, a toy sheep, and a chocolate! 

After looking at that, they decorated eggs! 

What did u do for Easter? 


P.S sorry about the bad quality of some of the pics 

Friday, April 18

DIY, Easter eggs! :)

Items u will need:

Paint and some other things to decorate! 

First roll some clay into a ball

Then shape it into an egg shape

Make some more. I made some different sizes! 

Then depending on the clay u are using ( I suggest looking at the box it came in) bake the eggs, or if it is air dry clay let it dry! 

Once that is done, decorate the eggs! 

And your done! :) 

Thursday, April 17

DIY, egg decorating stand!

Yay! Easter is so soon! It came up so fast! :) here is how to make an egg decorating stand for your dolls to enjoy!

Items u will need: 
3 toilet paper rolls ( sorry about the fourth one in the pic) 


Paint ( whatever color) 

Decorative duck tape, and other things to decorate


And a glue gun

Use somthing round and trace it on some cardboard then cut out! 

Cut the top off of a toilet paper roll.

Keep doing that to the toilet paper roll until there is none left to cut. 

Take the the cut rolls and set them next to another roll lik above.

To see how many u need.

Paint 2 toilet paper rolls, the cardboard, and the small rolls.

Tape the two rolls together

Glue them to the circle

Glue a small roll on to a side Lila above.

Now glue the rest! 

Decorate how ever u want! 

And your done! I will post how to make the Easter eggs soone! :)