Doll stars : What we think of AG's new items! :)

Tuesday, March 4

What we think of AG's new items! :)

Hi doll fans! AG came out with some new items and we thought it would be fun to do a what we think post! :) enjoy! 

Double-bow dress! 

This outfit is really nice! I love how spring/summery it is!  I am thinking of trying to make a dress that looks like this! :) 

Kit's candy making set! 

I like this outfit but why did they choose Kit to have it! I thought Kit hated pink fluffy dresses? Well, anyway I like this set the dress is super cute! :) 

Rainy day set! 

This is super cool! I love it all, but I not really liking the little bows on the boots and the fact that it is all pink. 

Floral swim outfit! 

I like the floral design and the cover up! Not exactly liking the two peice aspect of it though, all in all I like it! 

Julie's dance set! 

I love this set!!!! It is just so Julie! I am probably going to try and make it! 

Rebecca's school play set! 

I don't really like this set but the butterfly headband is cute! 

Jingle dress of the day! 

I love how this dress is bright and colorful but is still Kaya's style! 

Addy's hairstyling set! 


Well, that is what I think of the new AG items! What do u think of them comment telling us! :) 



  1. I love all of there new stuff!

  2. I do love the new spring arrivals, though I really think Kaya's needed a bit more research. Anyway, regarding Kit's pink seems the research and development and marketing teams haven't read her books. :-)