Doll stars : LIEBSTER AWARD!!!!

Tuesday, March 11


I got awarded the LIEBSTER award!!!! from Lilac Ruffles! thank you soooo much!!!!! make sure to check out her blog HERE!
    1. Weekends or Weekdays?
2. make videos or take photos?
take photos!
3. favorite animal?
horses and cats!
4. fruits or veggies?
5. favorite doll?
uuummm... this is hard but I'd say Julie!
6. money or giftcards?
7. shopping at a store or online?
I am not the biggest fan of shopping but probably the store!
8. favorite thing to do in your free time?
read, blog, sew, design clothes, play outside, play with friends, take pics, and make crafts!
9. favorite color?
pink and green!
10. gifts or giftcards?
11. favorite food?
I like a lot of food but I'd have to say PIZZA!!!!
1. do you prefer historical AG dolls or my American girl dolls?
2. dogs or cats?
3. cold weather or warm?
4. cake or cupcakes?
5. sunflowers or roses?
6. pizza or hot-dogs?
7. outside or inside?
8. favorite school subject?
9. Mexican food or Chinese?
10. vintage or modern décor?
11. boots or flip- flops?
I nominate....
If you are nominated take the award and repost it on your blog answer the questions in blue and then pick a few of your favorite blogs to nominate and list 11 questions for them to answer! this is for fun and I hope that you enjoy doing it! have fun!
- dollstars
oh, and remember to enter the giveaway! below! thanks!


  1. Congrats! And thank you so much for nominating me!

  2. Thank you!! Sorry this has taken me so crazy long, I was really busy! I'll get the questions up ASAP!