Doll stars : Doll redo room tour! :)

Thursday, March 27

Doll redo room tour! :)

A while ago us dolls moved! Not far! Just to the other side of the room! We love are new place and now we have much more room! 

First here is a look at how it was before! :) this is the third time the we have had a redo! 

This is how it was first

Then it was like this

And this is how it is now!!! 

The desk! 

The night stand.

Felicity sleeps on the bottom bunk and Julie is on the top! 

Do u like Felicity's hair?

The dining area! 



  1. That's a cozy little room! I would be happy if I was your doll! ;)

  2. Oooh! How do you make the awesome night stand and where did you get the turquoise rug?

  3. Felicity's hair is really pretty! Can you do a tutorial on it? And also I like the desk chair.

    1. I also want a tutorial on felicity's hair. Where did you get the desk chair?

  4. Thanks u for all of the wonderful comments! I made the night stand out of an old painted pop sickle box and 2 toilet paper rolls that I glued together! I made the rug out of piece of fabric, I will do a tuterial on Felicity's hairstyle, and I think I got the desk chair at a thrift store

  5. That is a great room! I'd love to do something like this for my dolls, but I don't know where to start. Yours is filled with ideas. Thank you.

  6. Thanks! And your welcome! I am glad it helped!!!