Doll stars : DIY: spring/ summer dress! :)

Monday, March 31

DIY: spring/ summer dress! :)

Lay your doll on a piece of paper.

Trace around her in the shape of a dress, ( make sure to leave a little for seam alowence!!

Cut it out.

Using the paper as a template cut out another this time in fabric.

And then cut out another.

You can sew some ribbon or another decorative piece on one of the fabric pieces.

Then set both of the pieces together good side to good side.

Sew a line at the top of the sleeves for shoulders.

The. Sew the sides leaving a place for her arms to go through.

Close up of the side.

Cut off the extra ribbon

And trim the edges

Fold right side in.

Cut down the middle of the middle of the back ( making sure not to cut the front as well) 

Glue on Velcro.

And your done! Mine was a little tight so I suggest as I said before to cut the paper/fabric bigger then your doll really is.

Happy crafting! 



  1. Great idea! It looks like something from etsy.

  2. Looks very nice. Good job. Thank you for the tutorial