Doll stars : DIY: small doll bed! :)

Wednesday, March 26

DIY: small doll bed! :)

Items you will need: toilet paper rolls, cardboard, pencil, scissors, hot glue gun, fabric, and craft stuffing. 

Set your doll on the cardboard and draw out the size of your bed.

Cut out.

Glue 2 toilet paper roll together.

Then glue the to the middle of the cardboard.

If your cardboard is thin glued some extra pieces to the back.

Set it on some soft fabric.

And cut all around it make sure that the fabric is a little bit bigger then your bed.

Put some glue around the edges leaving one side open.

Set the fabrics on top.

The opening.

Start stuffing it.

I used a ruler to help reach the hard to reach places.

Once you are done stuffing.....

Fold the edges over and glue.

And your done! 

Top it all of with some cute doll bedding! 


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