Doll stars : DIY: popcorn container! :)

Tuesday, March 25

DIY: popcorn container! :)

I have been making lots of doll stuff, ( I am making a small doll house) here is a fun DIY on how to make  a container to hold some popcorn! ( or another yummy snack) for your dolls! :)

Items you will need: toilet paper rolls, colored paper, white paper, scissors, hot glue gun, and cardboard

First cut your toilet paper to the size you want.

Cut a long strip of your paper.

Then cut a peice off of it that is about three inches ( or more) 

Cut the rest of the strip into more smaller pieces. 

Then do that with your white paper. 

Glue one of the small strips onto the roll.

Fold the edges over and glue in place.

Glue a white strip next it and continue until it is covered.

Set the papered up roll on your cardboard and trace.

Then cut it out.

And glue to the bottom of the roll.

And your done!!! 

Felicity is enjoying her popcorn! :) 


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