Doll stars : DIY: doll magazines! ( for any size) part 1

Thursday, March 27

DIY: doll magazines! ( for any size) part 1

I got a really nice comment asking if we could do DIYs on some accessories for our coffee table that we did a DIY on! I am going to show u how to make 2 kinds of magazene ( one that opens and one that does not) here on part 1 is a magazene that does not open but is still fun to make! :) 

Items u will need: cardboard, picture of a magazene from a catolog or magazene, scissors and glue! 

Cut out a few small squares of cardboard. All the same size. 

Glue them together.

Find a picture in a magazene ( that u are alowd to cut) of a small magazene.

Set your cardboard ontology of the picture to see if it is the right size.

Then set it next to the pic.

Cut out the pic like the picture above.

Glue the paper onto the cardboard.

Then fold the extra paper over the cardboard and glue in place.

Almost done! 

Trim around it and your done! 

Happy crafting!