Doll stars : And the winner is...........

Sunday, March 23

And the winner is...........

The girls were so exited to finally find out who the winner was for the giveaway! They had written down all of the names and were going to pick one out from the hat! ( after shuffling) 

" I can't wait to see who won!" Said Julie! 

" how about I shuffle and then you pick one?" Offered Felicity  " okay! Thanks!" 

Felicity shuffled. 

And then handed it to Julie, who picked a random piece of paper out.... 

Opened it and read the name to herself. 

" who won?! Who won?!" 

And the winner is......................... ( drumroll please:) 



Thank you soooo much to all who entered! We are really grateful for that!  Izzy look out for an email from me!  And we will get the prize to u as soon as possible! :) thanks!