Doll stars : Valentines outfits! Part one!

Tuesday, February 4

Valentines outfits! Part one!

Since valentines day is right around the corner! I dressed my dolls up in valentines day themed outfits! On this post I will show you their first outfits!

Julie is wearing:  a pink dress, purple infinity scarf,sparkly silver shoes, and a rainbow loom bracelet. 

Felicity is wearing: a pink poncho, over a black sleeve-less shirt, light green tutu, white tights, and red bow!

I you enjoyed this post I will post the other outfits soon!!! Oh and remember to check out the photo story below and vote! 


  1. They look so beautiful against the red leaves! I wish we still had leaves like that where I live (it's all grey and brown, now.)

    Can I feature your blog sometime?

    ~Mama Hen

  2. Thank you for the nice comment!! And I would LOVE It if you featured this blog!!!! Thank you! :)

    - dollstars