Doll stars : Valentines day!!! :) part 1

Wednesday, February 19

Valentines day!!! :) part 1

Hi! How was your valentines day? Pours was great! Sorry we didn't post this sooner. Well here is it now! :)enjoy!

"When are they going to get here? "Julie asked Felicity ( they had invited some of their friends and family for a valentines day party! 

" soon!" Answered Felicity as she put the table cloth on the table " maybe the time will go by faster if you help!" 

" okay!"  Said Julie as she jumped down from her perch on the top bunk! 

She grabbed some plates and put them carefully on her head! 

" look! Felicity I can balance a stack of plates on my head!!!" 

" nooooooo!"  Said Felicity but it was too late....



" well, at least no one was hurt or any broken plates"  said Felicity " but don't do that again!" 

Julie lay the table nicely ( without any plate head balancing!) 

She also put an extra chair.

Then Felicity came and look at what she had on her head! 

" hey! I thought you said not to do that!" Said Julie " well, I have more practice! " said Felicity.

She sat down the plate of cookies and asked Julie " can you go and get the cupcakes?" 

Julie went to get the cookies nod sneaked back with them on her head! :)

The yummy food! Then they heard a ding-dong! 

Their here!! :)

They rushe to the door to find..

Cathleen and her little sister Sarah! 

" hi come on in!" Said Felicity 

Then they got their guests seated! 

Thank you! 

And set their bags down.

Soon the bag area filled up with bags! 

And so did the dining area! ( with dolls not bags) 

Dawn-she and Felicity 

Hannah and Lorey.


Julie, Sasha, and Sarah!

I will postart 2 soon! 


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