Doll stars : The doll Olympics!!! Skiing!

Thursday, February 13

The doll Olympics!!! Skiing!

Welcome to the doll Olympics! This year we will be doing: ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding! Today it skiing!!!

There are three people competing: Julie, Felicity and their cousin Cathleen-Mackenzie! But Cathleen will not be competing the same day as them. 

First up is Felicity Albright!

There is a look of determination on her face.

She was going so fast and so hard she fell!!! Luckily she is not injured bit that was not her best run.

Now it's time for Julie.

That was a very clean run for Julie 

They wait tensely for the scores. 

And Julie Albright is in the lead!!!

She is very happy about that!!! 

We'll see you next time on the Olympic zone! 


P.S I will soon post the arward ceremony for this!


  1. can you show a tutorial on how to make the ski's and ski poles?

  2. Good idea!!! We will do that as soon as we can! :)