Doll stars : The doll Olympics! Skiing award ceremony!

Sunday, February 16

The doll Olympics! Skiing award ceremony!

Sorry for not posting this sooner. Well, here it is now!

Julie, Felicity, and Cathleen-Mackenzie waited tensely for the scores. 

The audience.

The medals.

A sign I made! :)

The lady said into the mike: " Julie Albright please come up to the podium"

Julie rushed up to the lady.

"You win first place!!!" 

Then Cathleen got called up.

She won second place!

And Felicity won third! 

Yay!!! :) 

I will soon post the snowboarding and the ice skating. Also I will post the winning hairstyles later today! :)




  1. that's cute. you should show how to make an olympic medal