Doll stars : The doll Olympics! Ice skating!

Sunday, February 16

The doll Olympics! Ice skating!

And the last doll Olympic sport that we will do is.... Ice skating!!!

First on the ice is Julie! 

Oops, her skate fell off....

But she keeps going strong!!! :) 

Next is Felicity! 

And jump! 

Oh, she is slipping.....

And she fell. ( luckily she is not hurt) but that was not the best skate. :| 

They wait for the scores.

Here's a quick look at how deem the snow was. 

The award ceremony.....

Cathleen won first! Another contestent won second! And Julie won third!!!! ( Felicity did not place)  

The girls enjoyed the doll Olympics and are very grateful that they medaled!!! 

I have some DIYs and other posts planed plus I will post how their valentines day went! :)