Doll stars : Photo story: Super Bowl Sunday! Part 2

Sunday, February 2

Photo story: Super Bowl Sunday! Part 2

Here is part 2 of the story!

After the show:

"Whoohoooo!" Cried Julie " yay! The Seahawks won!" 
" that was a good game!" Said Felicity!

Felicity was cleaning up so Julie thought it a good idea to make herself useful and tuck their cat Tiger into bed!

" good night sweet Tiger!" 

When Felicity came back from putting the food away they decided to go to bed. ( it was pretty late anyways)

Julie climbed up into the top bunk.

And Felicity into the bottom.

" good night!"

" sweet dreams!"

Did you like the photo story?" And did you watch the game?

~Felicity and Julie 

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