Doll stars : Photo story: Julie's messy hair morning! And Felicity's crazy dream!

Monday, February 3

Photo story: Julie's messy hair morning! And Felicity's crazy dream!

Julie woke up that morning and looked out the window to find that it was....

Pretty wet and rainy outside. :(  " oh, well" thought Julie.

She made her bed.

And hoped down from the top bunk where she slept.

She peeked quietly at sleeping Felicity! Who was snoring loudly! :)

Julie tip-toed over to the dining room and made herself a muffin and a cup of tea!

Then she sat down to enjoy her yummy breakfast!

All of a sudden Julie heard a pound roar like sound! She turned to see if Felicity had heard it too but then  Realized it was Felicity!  

Then Felicity said grogely in her sleep " cupcake pick me! Pick me! Pick me!"

Now that Felicity was practically yelling " pick me! Pick me!" Pepper had waken up and was now whining at Julie.

"Please professor cupcake sir! Please pick me pick pick me!!!!" Yelled Felicity!

" oh brother she must be dreaming about cupcakes!" Said Julie no longer needing to be quiet!

Then Felicity woke half way up and yelled " nooooooooo why did youick her!!! Why not meeeeee!!!" 

She jumped out of bed and then relized...

" oh, it was just a dream!" After Felicity told Julie her dream, ( it turns out that she was dreaming that there was a giant cupcake that was going to pick someone to eat him and he had not picked her) Julie decided to get dressed.

She decided to wear a black sleeve lease shirt under a pink poncho and tie-die  pants!

Once she got into her clothes her outfit looked good but her hair was a different story!

It was pretty messy

She took her hair out of the pig tails and brushed it a little.

Looking good!

Now what should she style it in? That is for YOU to pick!!! 
Here is what we'll do I will right down three hairstyles below and you can vote by commenting which hairstyle you think Julie should put her hair into her hair!!! The hairstyle with the most votes I will do it in Julie's hair and the second place hairstyle I will do in Felicity's hair!

Here are the three hairstyles to pick from: 

1. A bun.

2. Two braids.

3. A little of her hair pulled back.

Comment which hairstyle you think she should wear!!! :)