Doll stars : Our thoughts on Isabelle's collection!

Tuesday, February 4

Our thoughts on Isabelle's collection!

We have already posted our thoughts on the Isabelle doll so we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on her collection!
I did not take any of these pictures.

Isabelle, an inspired dancer who finds her own way to shine! :)

Isabelle's meet outfit is really cool! I love the slant cut of her shirt! The hair extension is cool too! 

Isabelle's books! I can not wait to read these! And the pictures on the front are oh so cool!

I love this set! It is really usful and seems to have a lot of storage places! But the thing I don't like is that it all looks like plastic. 

Tutu! She is so cute! And I love that AG is doing a cat! Yay! Her name is perfect! And it seems like she is softer then the other AG pets! So yeah I like Tutu!

Isabelle's accessories are great! I love the jacket! But from what I've heard they all have Isabelle printed on them. 

This outfit is great! I love the wrap around sweater It is perfect for dance!

This set is great! I do not know much about it though! 

Umm.. I am not really liking the short shirt. I don't think my dolls would wear it. But the pants are nice! And have just the right touch of sparkle!

This outfit is awseome!

So all in all I like her collection! 
what do you think about Isabelle's collection? Comment saying!

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