Doll stars : Old or New!!! :)

Tuesday, February 18

Old or New!!! :)

Hi doll fans! I just relized how long it's been since I've done an Old or New post! Well here's one now! To those who don't know how to play. Here's how: I will post 2 pictures of an AG item one will be the old version of the item and the other the new! And you can pick which one you like best! Will u pick the old or the new?! 

Do you like the old tennis outfit ( above) ? 


The new tennis outfit? ( below) 

Comment saying which one you like best! 



  1. Good choice! :) yeah, I agree the old one is my fav too! :)


  2. OLD! the new is weird! I wanted the old tennis set, I guess I will get it off Ebay!! because the new one is ugly! :P

  3. I like the old one too. But I do like the white skirt on the new one.