Doll stars : Doll I-pad! :)

Saturday, February 8

Doll I-pad! :)

Hi doll fans! So sorry I haven't been posting much! My dolls were bored, so I thought why not make an I-pad for them!!! Here are some pics and a bit about how I made it! :)

Do you like it? :)

I made the screen out of a paper iPhone screen that came with my moms phone case when she got it, and wrapped tape around the paper screen to give it the glossy look!

Julie loves the new iPad!

Then I cut some cardboard to the right size and glued the careen to the cardboard. 
For the case I used my moms old phone case. ( she has a new one now) and decorated it then glued it onto the other side of the cardboard.

The case!

I used nail polish to paint on it and glued some peices of cute paper on the case!

See you soon! :) I am planning on doing a hairstyle tuterial! ;)


  1. Love IT!I made a couple doll I-Phones before I had my blog but maybe I will put up a post on how to do here is a link to my blog

  2. So cute. I see you read my comment and are soon doing a doll hairstyle turorial.

  3. Thank you for the link CeCe! I checked your blog out! And yes Izzy I will be doing a hairstyle tuterial soon!!! Thank you both for the comments!

  4. Thank you so much!!! Your blog is great too! :)

  5. Thank you! And thanks for following this blog! :)