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Saturday, February 1

Doll craft: yummy lollipop!

My dolls always love a good sweet lollipop from time to time! So I thought it would be fun to make one! This first one I made I thought it would be perfect for valentines day!

Items you will need ( sorry I do not have a picture of the items):  fabric, glue gun (or another kind of glue or tap), some sort of stick ( like a straw or like I used an end of a paint brush), and scissors.
Okay let's get started!

First cut out a small circle of fabric.

Cut out another circle.

On one of the circles (on the side without the design) glue one end of the stick to the circle.

Put some glue around all of the edges 

And stick the other circle on top!

And you are done! 

To help your doll hold her treat use a rubber band! 

Hope you try this! And enjoy it! :)

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