Doll stars : DIY: doll sunglasses! 8)

Sunday, February 23

DIY: doll sunglasses! 8)

Here is how to make your doll some rad sunglasses!

Items u will need: cardboard, pencil, scissors, paint, and a hot glue gun.

First draw on your cardboard a pair of sunglasses with out the side pieces that would be a good size for dolls.

Cut out.

Hold them up to your doll to see the size.

Cut a small piece of cardboard for the side pieces.

Then cut out 2. 

Glue them to each side of the sunglasses.

Looking good! 

Get out your paints! Pick out a color for the rim ( I chose red), then get some black ( I mixed some white paint with the black) 

Paint the lenses black.

Then paint the rest a colorful color of your choice! :) 

And your done! 

Have fun!!!  :)