Doll stars : DIY, doll computer!

Tuesday, February 11

DIY, doll computer!

Here is a fun DIY doll computer!

Items you will need:  tin box ( I used an old mint box), cardboard, hot glue gun, pencil, scissors, paper

Put your box on the paper and trace it.

Then cut it out

Using the paper as a stencil trace it on the cardboard.

And cut it out.

Glue the paper onto the cardboard.

If it is too big.....

Trim some of the edges.

It should be small enough to fit inside the box.

Draw the keys on it.

Make another peice like the first.

This one will be the screen so decorate however you want! 

Now for the glueing!  

Glue the keys peice into the box.

Now glue the screen peice into the lid.

If your box has somthing on the top I suggest decorating it!

This is how I decorated mine!

And your done!

Tada!!!! :)

Felicity and Julie love their new electronics! 

Felicity and Julie! 

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