Doll stars : DIY, Canada flag and USA flag mittens! :)

Tuesday, February 18

DIY, Canada flag and USA flag mittens! :)

We got a nice request for Canada/ USA mittens! Here is the DIY!

Items you will need: marker, fabric, your doll, scissors, paint, paint brush, and a sewing machine ( or a needle and thread)

First lay out you fabric and set your dolls arm on the fabric ( like above) trace her hand ( carful not to get ink on her) trace a mitten like shape. ( make sure that you will have room to sew) 

Cut it out.

Using the one you just cut out as a stencil cut out another one.

Now for the sewing! I have marked out where to sew and were not to: where the blue dots are do NOT sew, where the red dots are sew! 

This is how mine turned out after I sewed.

Turn it right side in! 

Try the mitten on your dolls hand.

Get out some red and white paint and a small paint brush.

Put some paint on a paper plate or another thing to put paint on.
Tip: make sure that your doll is not near the paint so she does not get paint on her! 
Also don't get as much as me! :) I got too much.

Okay, with the white paint, paint an outline of a circle.

Then inside of the circle do an outline of a leaf.

Then with your red paint color in the leaf.

Then paint in the circle white.

And for the finishing touch paint a red border. 

Make another mitten just like the first one, let the paint dry completely and your done!!! Tada! :) 
To make a USA pair do it the same way you made the Canada ones expect paint an American flag on it!  

Happy crafting! 

I hope you enjoy making this craft!