Doll stars : Cool and sunny! :)

Sunday, February 23

Cool and sunny! :)

I have been sewing outfits for my dolls to wear in the spring and summer since it has been pretty warm here! Here are the pictures of the outfit I made: I made every part of the outfit, I did NOT ,make the drink, and of course I did not ,make the doll! ;). 

Julie is wearing: a white vest, greenish and black skirt, duck tape zebra print shoes, zebra print bracelet, and of course she has to have a pair of sunglasses! ( I will do a tuterial on the glasses soon) 



  1. The back of the jacket is really super cool! :D

  2. so cute. are you trying to tell me you don't have much snow. LUCKY

  3. Thanks! Yeah, we don't have any snow! It has been really warm! :)