Doll stars : A little reminder! :)

Saturday, February 8

A little reminder! :)

Hi! A bit of a while ago I did a photo story called: Julie's messy hair morning, and Felicity's crazy dream!  And in that post you could vote on which hairstyle you think Julie should do in her hair! Instead of scrolling threw all the posts to find it if you haven't voted yet you can comment on this post!  and to the people who have already voted you do not need to vote again.Here is what Julie is wearing:

She is wearing:  a black sleeve-less shirt under, a pink poncho, with tie-die pants.

To vote just pick one of the three hairstyles that you think Julie should do and comment saying which one!

Here are the three hairstyles to pick from: 

1. Bun.

2. Two braids.

3. A little of her hair pulled back.

Which hairstyle will you pick? :) 


  1. two braids would be cute i have the julie doll my mom got me the doll for christmas!

  2. two braids because julies hair long!

  3. I think either two braids or a little pulled back would look great. :-) I don't have Julie but Kaya's hair is similar.

    ~Mama Hen

  4. I think 2 braids would look awesome! :)