Doll stars : Photo- shoot: Julie's groovy hippie outfit!

Monday, January 27

Photo- shoot: Julie's groovy hippie outfit!

I made a hippie outfit for Julie! Here are the pics:

I made the: poncho, pants, bandana, and the rainbow loom bracelet

This necklace is really not a doll item but I thought it looked good with this outfit!


After Julie did the photo shoot she thought it a good idea to do some relaxing yoga!: 

R-e-a-c-h to the sky!

Now splits!

See ya next time!

~ Julie 


  1. Wow! This is amazing! Sometime can you post how to make it! :)

  2. Thanks!! And yes I will post a post on how to make it! Thanks for the comment! Oh and thank you so much for being a follower of this blog! Yay!


  3. Do you want me to do a tutorial on the whole outfit or just one of the peices such as the poncho?