Doll stars : Mini Molly's adventure!

Tuesday, January 14

Mini Molly's adventure!

Today mini Molly went on an adventure! Here is a photo story!

Molly started walking!

When she got to the door she was glad to see that it was already opened!

"Oh no here come Felicity!" 

Molly scrambled to the first hiding spot she could find, a pair of slippers!

She got inside.

Luckily Felicity did not see her!

Molly got out of the slipper and started again!

Then she came to a stool.

She started climbing.

" I did it!" Said Molly!

Them she came to another stool and got on that one.

Then she saw that there was a piano! She climbed up.

She pushed down on one of the keys and was suprised when it made a sound! After a little more playing she went on her way!

She took a running start to jump onto the next place.

She bairly managed but luckily she did not get hurt.

She looked down the stairs, there were two ways down: climb down the stairs or slide down the rail. Molly chose to slide! 

"Weeeeeeeeee," yelled Molly!

When she got to the end she said "that was fun!" And slid down.

After much more walking Molly found a blanket and went to sleep! " zzzzzzzzzzz"

The next morning she woke up put on her glasses and climbed up the blanket!

She got onto a little side table. " I think it is time for me to go home" she said and home she went!

She went up the stairs.

And threw the door.

And onto the bed...

Where she took a long nice nap! 


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