Doll stars : Let's talk about personality!

Monday, January 20

Let's talk about personality!

Personality is a big part of your doll, but choosing what her personality is a little tricky.  Here are a few fun ways that personality is a big part of your doll!

1. Picking personalities! 
Picking your doll's personality is very fun! A good way of finding your doll's personality is looking at her and playing with her, it may take a little time but you'll find it! 

2. Poses! 
Her personality helps with other things too such as with photo shoots! When I do photo shoots with my dolls I like to pose them in poses that reflect their personality! It is fun to think of different poses! 

3. Hairstyles!
I like to do hairstyles on my dolls that kind of go with their personality! 

4. Clothes!
Clothes are a great way of showing your doll's personality!

I hope you liked this post! What is your doll(s) personality?

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