Doll stars : Fun photo story! Part 1

Saturday, January 11

Fun photo story! Part 1

It was a rainy day and Felicity was trying to think of somthing to do when Julie came up to her.

"Hi Felicity, what are you doing this rainy day?" Asked Julie  " I do not know, I'm trying to think of somthing to do" answered Felicity "I know somthing that we can do! I will be right back" and before Felicity could ask what it is she was gone.

When she came back she had a mirror and a bag of hair supplies " we can do each other's hair!"
" okay!"

Julie sat down next to Felicity.

And started on Felicity's hair!

When she was done Felicity looked in the mirror " I love it! Thanks!"
Said Felicity.

Julie did a messy bun on Felicity!

Then Felicity did Julie's hair!

"Awseome!" Said Julie!

" this was fun!" Said Felicity! " yes it was!" Said Julie!

I hope you all liked this photo story! I will do part 2 soon!

~ Felicity and Julie 

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