Doll stars : Fun photo shoot! Part 2

Saturday, January 11

Fun photo shoot! Part 2

" doing our hair was fun!" Said Felicity " yes it was!" Said Julie " but now what should we do?" " I know!!" Said Felicity, Felicity rushed away..

When she came back she had their bags.

" thanks for bringing my bag to me but why did you?" Asked an unsure Julie " we are going to go and get some pizza!" Said Felicity " yay!"

The girls started their walk to get pizza!

They went to their nice cousin Cathleen Mackenzie's pizza place, the little bird's pizza!

" hi cousins! I like your hair!" Said Cathleen " hi thanks!" Said Julie 

" what can I get for you today?" Asked Cathleen " we would like one box of cheese pizza please!" Said Felicity " coming right up!"

After a little more chatting the girls went home and had a fun time munching on pizza! " this has been a great day!" Said Julie Felicity agreed!

The end!

Hope you liked this photo story! How was your day? It was very rainy here.

~ Felicity and Julie 

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