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Friday, January 31

DIY: super easy doll lamp!

It was a little dark in the doll's house so to brighten things up Julie and Felicity made a lamp! Here is a quick tuterial!

You will need: one toilet paper roll, hot glue gun ( or some other glue or tape), small cup, and decorative tape ( I used duck tape) the cup will be the lamp shade so I suggest decorating it ( unless you don't want to) do you like how I decorated mine? :)

Take a peice of tape and wrap it around half of the toilet paper roll. ( like the pic above) 

On the side that does not have the tape put some glue on the top of the toilet paper roll, and place the cup upside down on top of the toilet paper roll so it is now secured on top! And your done!!! 

Yay! My dolls love their new lamp! :)

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