Doll stars : DIY: sleeping eye mask!

Tuesday, January 28

DIY: sleeping eye mask!

Hi doll fans! Sorry I haven't been doing DIYs lately but here is one now! Enjoy!


Items you will need: fabric ( I used this green fabric , above) , scissors ( that can cut fabric), ribbon, a sewing machine or needle and thread ( glue would work too), and somthing to decorate the mask! 

Be creative and use whatever color designs and decorations you want! 

With your fabric and scissors cut out a shape like the pic above.

Try it on your doll. It took a little while to make mine the right size but with a bit of cutting and trying it on I did it! 
After you do that it's time to decorate it! You can draw on it, glue things on it, or sew things on it or you can do so thing other than Those ides! 

I sewed some fabric on it to make it look like they are sun glasses! :) 

Take your ribbon and wrap it around half of your dolls head, the ribbon will be the strap for the mask. 

Cut the ribbon to the right size.

Sew or glue both of the end of ribbons to each of the end of the mask.

Put it on your doll, and....

She's ready to go to sleep! :) ;) 

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