Doll stars : DIY: 2014 calendar!

Saturday, January 4

DIY: 2014 calendar!

Here I will show you how to make a 2014 American girl doll calendar! For you guessed it your dolls! Here is the items you will need:

Let's get started! First fold one peice of paper in half, crease, and unfold.

Using the crease as a guild line cut the paper in half.

Now you have two pieces of paper ( that are smaller) do this step a few more times until you have 12 little pieces of paper ( one for every month)

Draw a line across one of the pieces of paper ( like the pic above) 

Now draw a cris cross kind of pattern like this ( I suggest to make it easier look at one of your 2014 calendars)

Write like this the days.

Now draw a number on each little square numbered 1-31.

Now it is time for the fun part! Write on the top half of your paper: January 

Cut out a picture in your American girl catolog ( it can be of whatever you want) 

Glue it to your calendar! You can put more pictures on and decorate however you want!

This is how I decorated mine! Make eleven more pages like this one  using another 2014 calendar to help you so you have one for every month! I will post pictures of how mine turned out soon! Have fun!


  1. This is a great idea! I am going to have to try it.