Doll stars : January 2014

Friday, January 31

Doll clock! Tick-tock!

Today I made a clock for my dolls! To learn how to make a clock like this one go to! You can find the tuterial in the tuterial page! 

Do you like it! :)

DIY: super easy doll lamp!

It was a little dark in the doll's house so to brighten things up Julie and Felicity made a lamp! Here is a quick tuterial!

You will need: one toilet paper roll, hot glue gun ( or some other glue or tape), small cup, and decorative tape ( I used duck tape) the cup will be the lamp shade so I suggest decorating it ( unless you don't want to) do you like how I decorated mine? :)

Take a peice of tape and wrap it around half of the toilet paper roll. ( like the pic above) 

On the side that does not have the tape put some glue on the top of the toilet paper roll, and place the cup upside down on top of the toilet paper roll so it is now secured on top! And your done!!! 

Yay! My dolls love their new lamp! :)

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~Felicity and Julie 

Thursday, January 30

Photo story: do you want to build a snow-man?! ( from frozen!)

Lately I have been I to doing things with my dolls that have to do with the movie frozen! Here is a quick photo story based of the song in frozen: Do you want to build a snow man!

(Sorry about how dark this pic is) 
5 year old Ana looks out the window and sees that it's snowing!

She rushes over to Elsa's door.

Sings:  " do you want to build a snow-man? Come on let's go and play! I never see you any more come out the door it's like you've gone away! We used to be best buddies, and now we're not. I wish you would tell be why? Do you want to build a snow man? It doesn't have to be a snow man!" 

8 year old Elsa says " go away Ana" 

Ana sings: "okay, bye"

9 year old Ana knocks on Elsa's door then sings: " do you want to build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around the hall! I think some company is overdo I've started talking to the pictures on the walls!" ( says to the picture) "Hang in there Joan!" " it gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms just watching the hours tick by! ( tick-tock  tick-tock tick-tock  tick-tock)"

15 year old Ana sings sadly: " ( knocks) Elsa, please I know your in there! People are asking where you've been. They say " have courage" and I'm trying to I'm right out here for you. Just let me in! We only have each other it's just you and me. What are we going to do?" 

" do you want to build a snowman? ( sniff)" 

Actors: Felicity playing as Ana! Julie playing as Elsa! 

I hoped you liked this photo story!

More pics of the Elsa and Ana outfits!

Here are some more pictures of the frozen outfits I made for my dolls! Enjoy!!!

Ana outfit!

Here are the pics of the Ana outfit from frozen I made for Felicity!

Do you like it! I made everything exept the long sleeved under shirt and the shoes.

I used a peice of white yarn and a bobby pin to make it look like the white strip in Ana's hair!

I will post more pictures of the outfits soon plus I have a photo story planned! :)

See you soon! 

Elsa the snow queen outfit ( from frozen)

I made my dolls, Ana and Elsa  outfits! Ana and Elsa  from Frozen that is! In this post I will show you the Elsa outfit that I made for Julie! Here are the pics!

Elsa (Julie) the snow queen! 

I will post theictures of Felicity in her Ana outfit soon! Thanks for veiwing! 

Wednesday, January 29

Yay! More snow! :)

Today we got more snow! The dolls had a great time in it! :) here are some pics:

I will probably post more pics later! :)