Doll stars : 2014

Thursday, December 25

New doll!!! :)

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas! Guess what! (you probably already know from the title) I got a new doll! She is a My American Girl doll! I haven't named her yet, anyway without further ado here she is!
I am super exited and grateful that I got her!!! :)

She came in a cute pink shirt with flowers, hearts, stars, and things on it. and a gray skirt!

Her ears are pierced!

I love her hair! I like how it is shorter than my other dolls, it is a dark brown almost black color!

her boots!

-Elly <3

Merry Christmas!!! part 2

After breakfast the dolls opened their stockings to find some candy and a cute flower headband!

Then Felicity gave her dog Pepper a Santa hat that she had made!

Julie opened a gift from Felicity who had given her a mug that she had decorated, a Starbucks gift card, and a candy cane! "thank you!!!" said Julie "I love it!"

Felicity opened her gift from Julie to find...

a camera!!!

"Thank you Julie!!!" Felicity said " wow! this is so cool!"

after snapping some pictures, laughing, and talking, the dolls opened the rest of the gifts!

Julie posing with the minion pillow that they got.

they each got a cute doll!

what did you and your dolls get for Christmas?!

Merry Christmas!!! part 1

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas!!! here is a photo-story of what the dolls did on Christmas! enjoy! also I redid there doll house (again!) if you would like to see a tour for that comment down below! :) enjoy!

It was Christmas morning and the dollhouse was silent, not a creature was stirring not even Pepper the dog.

All of a sudden Julie sprung from her sleep, she felt like it was a special day but she couldn't remember what day it was, she looked around the room then saw the Christmas decorations and remembered! "Its Christmas!"

she hopped down from the bed, saw that Felicity was still asleep and crept quietly into the living room.

where all of the gifts sat around the tree and the stockings hung by the fire place.

since Julie knew that it would probably be a while until Felicity woke up Julie made her bed, brushed her hair, and then got started on making some pancakes.

by the time they were done Felicity had woken up and they both ate breakfast!

To be continued!

Saturday, December 20

Hairstyle tutorial: quick and easy half up half down hairstyle!


Here is a diy for a super cute, quick, and easy hairstyle! 

Take to sections of hair from the front of your dolls hair.

Brush and pull it back.

Tie it with a hair band. You can either leave it like this or clip on a bow or flower if you would like.

And you are done! 

I love this hairstyle and Julie does too!!! ;) 

Hairstyle tutorial: twisted bun!


Here is another hairstyle tutorial for a cool twisted bun! Enjoy! :) 

Put your dolls hair into a high pony tail buy leave a section of hair out on one side.

Take a small section from the larger section and then twist it.

Bring it up and then wrap it around the pony tail and bobby pin it in place. 

Split the rest of hair into two other sections and then do the same thing with them.

Twist the pony tail and than wrap it into a bun, and you are done! 

Hair tutorial: fancy up-do!

Hi everyone!

Here is a diy for a cute fancy top not type hairstyle! ( sorry the pictures aren't the best quality) 

Gather your dolls hair up into a high pony tail.

Take a section of the hair and twist it.

Then twirl that piece of hair around the pony tail and bobby pin in place.

Repeat that with other sections until there is no more hair to do it with. ( I suggest doing two or three sections)

And you are done!!! 

Saturday, December 13

The darling doll blog award!

I got nominated for the Darling doll award by Izzy from Forever Love Dolls! thanks Izzy!

answer the five questions on your  blog nominate 5 people and them  5 questions.

Izzy's questions:

1) What would you buy with a $500 AG giftcard?

wow! I am not sure! probably a doll though. (there would be extra money though)

2) Which doll (you don't have to own it) looks most like you?
probably this one exept I have a little longer hair.
3) Skittles or M&M's?
I like them both but I pick skittles!
4) Are you in any sports/clubs? If so, what are they?
I clog on the team The Little River Cloggers!
5) Who is your idol?
not sure.
I nominate:
Carrot and Claire
AGDTime Blog
The dolls of Sweet Nokia street
The Abbott doll family
Pretty Lilly and American Girl

questions for the nominee's:

1. favorite part about blogging?
2. what was your first AG doll?
3. favorite kind of blog post?
4. favorite color?
5. which do you like best: historical, MAG, or GOTY?

-Elly <3

Friday, December 12

DIY: doll wreath!


here is a DIY doll wreath

Items you will need:

something round
a pencil
glue or tape

first trace your round object onto the cardboard.

cut it out.

trace another smaller item in the middle of the cardboard you just cut out.

carefully poke a hole into the middle.

cut little triangle kind of like a pizza around the circle.

flip the little triangle up and then cut the off.

cut all of the triangle out .

tape your ribbon onto the other side of the cardboard.

bring it threw the hole.

start wrapping the ribbon around the wreath until the whole thing is covered.

and you are done!

-Elly <3