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Sunday, December 1

Photo story: Picnic Fun!

Felicity could not wait to go! her friend Cathleen-Mackenzie and her little sister Sarah had invited Felicity to come and have a picnic with them Felicity had agreed!
"well, I should get ready to go!" said Felicity.

Felicity knelt down and got her basket. (which was under her bed)

She packed 3 cupcakes and a jar of crescent rolls! she also decided to bring a bowl of pop corn! (Cathleen was bringing the drinks)

Ready to go!

When they got there Cathleen and Sarah were not there yet so Felicity decided to start setting up some of her things.

She layed out the blanket.

And put the food on the blanket.

Then Cathleen and Sarah arrived! "hi!" said Cathleen " hi!" said Felicity.

They all sat down, ate. and had a wonderful time!
The end!

Hope you all liked the photo-story!
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