Doll stars : Photo-story: The Christmas tree, Part 2

Tuesday, December 24

Photo-story: The Christmas tree, Part 2

The girls had Just gotten back from getting the tree and now they were going to decorate it! "I got the decorations!" said Felicity

"oh, good! thanks!" said Julie.

They both sat down and opened the box.

"How about you do the ornaments and I do the string?" asked Felicity
"okay!" said Julie.

Felicity did the string.

and then she sat down and watched Julie put the ornaments on!

"it looks pretty good if I do say so myself!" said Julie.

"you know what I am thinking?" asked Felicity "are you thinking that we should move the table for Christmas so there is more room?" asked Julie "how on earth did you guess?" said a surprised Felicity "I just thought it would be nice to have more room tomorrow" said Julie.

The girls moved the table.

"that's better!" said Julie"you can say that again!" said Felicity "okay! That's better" Julie said again "I didn't mean literally!" said Felicity "oh!" said Julie.

The girls sat down with their pets and enjoyed the tree!

Merry Christmas!
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