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Wednesday, December 11

Photo-story: Christmas decorating!

It was a cold winter day and Felicity and her dog Pepper were sitting inside when Felicity got an idea! "how about we put up the Christmas decorations today!" said Felicity. Pepper barked happily he thought that was a very good idea!

She reached under her bed and pulled out the box that they kept Christmas decorations in.

She opended it up.

First she put up the paper snow-flakes.

Then she put up the paper snow-man that she had made.

And then she put up the garlands.

"all finished!" said Felicity

Pepper jumped onto her lap and started barked loudly "what is the matter Pepper?" asked Felicity

"oh, wait" said Felicity "I forgot something!"

Felicity rushed away, when she came back she had......

The Christmas tree!

The end!

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?

If you want to learn how to make the paper snow flakes. Here is a link to my other blog: Elly's blog of fun!
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