Doll stars : Doll of the week: Kit Kittredge!

Tuesday, December 10

Doll of the week: Kit Kittredge!

This weeks doll is.....

Meet Kit:

Who she is: A bright light in the dark days of the Great Depression.

Where she lives: Cincinnati, Ohio.

In her day: Many families couldn't afford food or pay the rent.

Nickname: Kit! her real name is Margret Mildred!

Likes: the Cincinnati baseball team.

Best friend: schoolmate Ruthie, loves princess, fairy tales, and movie stars.

Hero: Amelia Earhart, a famous and daring pilot.

Memorable moment: finding a homeless old dog and giving it a new live.

Fun fact: the Kittredges start raising chickens and Kit sells the eggs door-to-door.

Favorite book: Robin Hood, and his adventures.

Diselikes: her household chorses, that seem to never end.

What she'd rather be doing: writing and reporting for her own newspaper.

What changes her live: Her family start taking in boarders to earn money because dad lost his job.

What she discovers: family and friends are worth more than anything you could ever own.

Kit with her best friend Ruthie!

Kit's tree house!

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