Doll stars : Doll of the week: Kirsten Larson!

Monday, December 2

Doll of the week: Kirsten Larson!

This weeks doll of the week is...
Kirsten Larson!
Meet Kirsten!

Who she is: a brave pioneer who settles on the Minnesota frontier with her family.

Birthplace: Ryd, Sweden.

What changes her live: leaving Sweden for a new live in America.

Languages: learns English at school, speaks Swedish at home.

Secret friend: Singing Bird, and Indian girl who calls Kirsten "Yellow hair"

Favorite toy: Sari, a rag doll Kirsten brought to America all the way from Sweden.

Memorable moment: finding a bee tree packed with honeycombs- and the bear want it, too!

Treasured tradition: celebrating St. Lucia's day.

What she discovers: the true meaning of home- and that love is the same in any language.

Kirsten in her St. Lucia's day outfit!

The Kirsten book!

Bye for now!

(I do not have any of the doll in the doll of the week posts!)
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