Doll stars : December 2013

Saturday, December 28

the dolls Christmas!

The dolls were sleeping in there bed when Julie woke up and said.

"its Christmas!!!"

"get up Felicity it is Christmas!"

"okay, okay I 'm up!" said Felicity.

The girls got out of bed and rushed to the tree! "look!" said Julie "there is a puppy!!!"

"she's so cute!" said Julie.

"she's yours!" said Felicity "surprise!"

"oh, my goodness really?" said Julie "yep!" thank you!" said Julie as she hugged Felicity.

"I think I am going to name her Lily!" said Julie

After the excitement about the puppy Felicity opened her first gift!

It was a pretty star ornament!

She hung it on the tree were everyone could see!

Then Julie opened a gift! It was a swirly purple ornament!

She also hung it on the tree!

Then Felicity opened another gift first she looked at the card though!

Then she opened it to find 2 rainbow loom bracelets!

She put them on!

Then Julie tore hers open! and found a card and 2 rainbow loom bracelets! (they were different colors then Felicity's)

Then she put hers on!

Felicity and Julie hope your Christmas was warm and bright!
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Tuesday, December 24

Photo-story: The Christmas tree, Part 2

The girls had Just gotten back from getting the tree and now they were going to decorate it! "I got the decorations!" said Felicity

"oh, good! thanks!" said Julie.

They both sat down and opened the box.

"How about you do the ornaments and I do the string?" asked Felicity
"okay!" said Julie.

Felicity did the string.

and then she sat down and watched Julie put the ornaments on!

"it looks pretty good if I do say so myself!" said Julie.

"you know what I am thinking?" asked Felicity "are you thinking that we should move the table for Christmas so there is more room?" asked Julie "how on earth did you guess?" said a surprised Felicity "I just thought it would be nice to have more room tomorrow" said Julie.

The girls moved the table.

"that's better!" said Julie"you can say that again!" said Felicity "okay! That's better" Julie said again "I didn't mean literally!" said Felicity "oh!" said Julie.

The girls sat down with their pets and enjoyed the tree!

Merry Christmas!
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Photo-stoy: the Christmas tree, part 1

It was a nice pretty cold Christmas Eve and the girls were going to get their Christmas tree! They were getting a real one!

They girls got into their cozy winter outfits!
and off they went!

It took a while for them to get down the stairs!

They opened the door to the outdoors.

When they got out Julie said "wow it is pretty cold out here"

Almost there!

"There it is!" Felicity said

They lifted it up and started to walk home.

Again the had a little trouble going up the stairs but they managed.

When they got there they plopped down. "Where should we put it?" asked Felicity "I know!" said Julie

She got up and rushed away.

When she came back she had their telescope "why did you bring the telescope?" asked Felicity "I'm just moving it" said Julie

Then she picked up the tree..

And put it down in a nice spot!

"that looks good!" said Felicity "thanks!" said Julie

The girls sat down "We can decorate it later, after we rest!" said Felicity
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