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Tuesday, November 26

Doll of the week: Addy Walker!

I am starting this new thing! Every week I will post a few pics of a doll and I will tell some things about it! Today Addy is in the spot light!

Meet Addy Walker!
Who she is: a courageous girl who finds freedom and works to bring her family back together.
Where she lives: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In her day: during the Civil war, the country was divided between North and South
What changes her life: escaping to freedom.
Likes: helping her momma while she works in Mrs. Fords dress shop.
Her biggest worry: being separated from her Poppa, brother and baby sister-and not knowing where they are.
Best friends: Sarah, a classmate who teaches her about school, city live, and true friendship.
Proud moment: spelling her name for the first time.
Special treasure: a shell necklace her great Grandmother brought all the way from Africa.
Her momma's advice: "if you fill your heart with hate, there's no room for live"
What she discovers: a family's love can help you through terrible times and keep dreams alive. 

Hope you liked the post!


P.S, I do not have Addy.
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