Doll stars : November 2013

Friday, November 29

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yesterday Felicity and her friends had a GREAT Thansgiving! How was your dolls Thanksgiving?

The Yummy food!

bread and stuffing! I made the stuffing (the food) out of stuffing (the not food)!

Yummy cresent rolls, mashed potatoes, and pie!
I made the mashed potatoes out of white stuffing with fabric painting on it.

I made this turkey clip for Felicity!

Lorey, Sasha, and Sarah!

Lorey wearing her apple necklace that I made!

Hope your dolls and you had I great Thanksgiving!
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Thursday, November 28

doll craft: mini pie!

Items you will need to make the pie: brown and white fabric paint, glue gun, scissors, mini cupcake liner, bottle cap, and brown fabric

First cut out of your fabric a circle, the circle should be a little bit bigger than the bottle cap.

If you want you can cut your cupcake liner so it is a little shorter.

Glue the fabric on to the bottle cap. like the picture above.

Now using your brown paint put a layer of paint on the top of the cap.

Then put some white paint on the top as well.
Let the paint dry before doing the next step.

glue the bottle cap in to the cupcake wrapper like the pic above.
And you are done!!!

Felicity and I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! 

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Wednesday, November 27

Photoshoot: rainy days.

Today has been very rainy so Felicity and I decided to take advantage of it! I hope you all like taking a look at these pics! Enjoy!

Comment if you liked the post!
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Tuesday, November 26

Doll of the week: Addy Walker!

I am starting this new thing! Every week I will post a few pics of a doll and I will tell some things about it! Today Addy is in the spot light!

Meet Addy Walker!
Who she is: a courageous girl who finds freedom and works to bring her family back together.
Where she lives: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In her day: during the Civil war, the country was divided between North and South
What changes her life: escaping to freedom.
Likes: helping her momma while she works in Mrs. Fords dress shop.
Her biggest worry: being separated from her Poppa, brother and baby sister-and not knowing where they are.
Best friends: Sarah, a classmate who teaches her about school, city live, and true friendship.
Proud moment: spelling her name for the first time.
Special treasure: a shell necklace her great Grandmother brought all the way from Africa.
Her momma's advice: "if you fill your heart with hate, there's no room for live"
What she discovers: a family's love can help you through terrible times and keep dreams alive. 

Hope you liked the post!


P.S, I do not have Addy.
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Thursday, November 21

Doll craft: Lunch box!

Items you will need: american girl catolog one that you can cut up, small tin box, paper plate or thin cardboard, glue gun, pipe cleaner, and scissors!

First trace the front of your box onto the paper plate.

Then cut it out.

Cut out a few pictures from the catalog.

I cut out pics of food!

Glue the pictures onto the paper.

And then glue the paper onto the tin box like this.

Cut a piece of pipe cleaner so it is about 3 or 4 inches long.

Bend it like this.

And glue them on like this!

And you are done! Ta-da!

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Doll craft: Origami cup!

These cups are super easy to make and are REALLY fun I have made about 6 of them!
What you need: small origami paper, and your hands!

Flip the paper around so that the not colored side is looking up!

Fold it like this. 

Then fold it like this.

And like this!

Now fold it so it looks like the pic below.

Turn it over to the other side, and fold it like this.And.... 

Your done! YAY!!! 

Have fun making it!!!
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